Roman Paliukh

On Wednesday, May 18, the Vatican’s Foreign Minister, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, began his visit to Ukraine. Accompanied by Andriy Yurash, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Vatican and Archbishop Mechyslav Mokshytsky, Chairman of the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine, the diplomat met with Archbishop Ihor Wozniak, UGCC, and visited a camp for migrants in one of the Roman Catholic parishes in Lviv.

Michal Martinka

More than 5000 pilgrims from Slovakia were present on 30 April in Vatican. They come to Rome to give thanks to Pope Francis for his apostolic journey to Slovakia on 12-15 September 2021. The meeting was held in the Paul VI Hall and the Pope underlined in his address the importance of cultivating richness of diversity.

“When I came to see you –said the Pope–, I wanted to encourage you to walk the path of encounter, all together: young people, families, the elderly, the different communities that have historically been part of your society… search of harmony between diversity, a harmony that requires welcome, openness and creativity”.

Noble Pettayil Babu

India is trying to change an age-old law to protect human rights and the freedom of nearly 1.4 billion people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi told India’s apex court that it will be re-examining the sedition law in India.

While back to History, the law of sedition was created by the British government as a tool to deal with any harsh criticism of the colonial administration and to employ it against the freedom fighters of the Indian national movement.

Michal Martinka

For the first time, Pope Francis came to a public audience in a wheelchair. It was caused by his recent health problems. He suffers from acute knee pain and according to doctors he shouldn’t walk for some time.

It is no secret that Francis in his age (85) is suffering from many health difficulties including acute knee pain. The Pope mentioned it openly with his characteristic sense of humor. “I have an inflamed ligament in my knee. It’s something that comes and goes. They say it only happens to old people, so I don’t understand why it’s happening to me!”, jokes the Pope. He told an Italian newspaper that he was receiving injections to help movement of his joints.

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Home minister Amit Shah’s pitch for the Hindi language provoked trenchant criticism on Friday, with opposition parties calling it an assault on India’s pluralism and asserting they will thwart the move to impose “Hindi imperialism”. Presiding over the 37th meeting of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee in New Delhi, Mr. Shah said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided that the medium of running the government is the official language. This will increase the importance of Hindi.

Shah informed the members that now, 70 percent of the agenda of the Cabinet is prepared in Hindi. The Home minister said now the time has come to make the official language Hindi an essential part of the country’s unity, adding Hindi should be accepted as an alternative to English and not to local languages.