Michal Martinka / Reportage

The whole world is watching the doble-war of Russian federation during this three weeks. War with guns and missiles against Ukraine in their own territory and not as visible war against truth and free speech in Russia. Putin’s main weapons are image of rotten west and good Russia, eliminating sources of different opinions and creation of false reality.

Noble Pettayil Babu

In 1992 when the internet was still something new, American novelist Neal Stephenson described virtual reality: a virtual world, where people would use digital avatars to live, work and play online.  He called it “Metaverse” – a blend of meta meaning Beyond and verse from the Word Universe. Today the tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are racing to claim the Metaverse, a virtual universe that will coexist with the physical one. Facebook has even changed its name to “Meta”.